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MDK FIELD GUIDE #13: Master Class [C]

Kaffe (rhymes with “safe”) has inspired generations of knitters, and his work continues to enrich not only our knitting, but our outlook on color, creativity, beauty—and life.

We believe, based on our own experience, that you are about to fall in love.

Field Guide No. 13: Master Class is an invitation to dive in and experience Kaffe’s ideas in fresh, freeing ways.

It’s perfect for knitters who want to knit these patterns exactly as they appear in the samples. And it’s great for knitters who want to mix and match stripes and motifs as they like.

You will want to sit down with a basket of colors and play on and on with Kaffe’s solid stripes and graphic fair isle motifs.

This is the most exhilarating knitting we know.

The Designs

Each of the patterns in Field Guide No. 13: Master Class has the word “stripe” in it. And oh, what stripes! These projects are studies in stripes, in both solid-color and patterned versions, using Rowan Felted Tweed for all the designs. The shapes are simple, and the possibilities are endless: color and pattern are the journey and the destination.

Striped Scarves and Cowls: Three patterns plus 20 charts mean endless options for combining color and motif.

Striped CushionsSix stripe patterns make for tons of combinations.

Garter Stripe Shawl: The most delicious cuddler we’ve ever seen.

Stranded Stripe Throw: The Kaffest Kaffe of them all. Knitted in the round, then steeked and edged with a border. If you can do two-color stranded knitting, you can do this. Easy peasy!



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