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Introducing our enchanting Gnome DIY Garland Kit – the perfect blend of creativity and whimsy! Unleash your artistic talents and bring these adorable wooden gnomes to life with a splash of color. This delightful craft kit is designed for both beginners and experienced crafters, offering a magical and personalized touch to your home decor.

Once your gnomes are adorned with personality, let them dry, and then assemble the included hanging strings. Transform your colored masterpieces into delightful hanging decorations that can grace your living room, bedroom, or even outdoor spaces. Your personalized gnome family will surely become a conversation starter and a whimsical addition to your home.

This kit is not just about creating charming decor; it's about the joy of crafting, the satisfaction of turning simple wooden pieces into personalized treasures, and the delight of showcasing your artistic flair. It's perfect for solo crafting sessions, family activities, or as a thoughtful gift for the craft enthusiasts in your life.

So, dive into the world of gnome magic with our DIY Garland Kit – where creativity knows no bounds, and every gnome tells a unique, colorful story!

This garland kit includes:
-Custom wood cutouts:
-16 Felt balls
-Set of 5 Paint Markers
-6ft thread + needle
-Inspiration + Instruction Sheet


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