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As avid knitters, the people at Lumos & Lumos loved knitting but suffered from frequent headaches, eyestrain, and back pain. They spent years researching, tinkering, and testing until they invented the Lumos Knitting Light – a light that provides the softest light with a clear vision for the crafter in low light conditions so they can see every stitch, and pattern detail! 

Here's how to put eyestrain and lost productivity in the past:

  • Place the light on your neck.
  • Press the buttons on each head to turn on the lights.
  • Press the button again to change the color temperature
  • Press and hold the button to adjust the brightness.
  • Start crafting anytime anywhere without any worries!

Guarantees to prevent crafters’ eyestrain and migraines. 

Eliminates back and neck pain from hunching over.

Backed by consumer studies ophthalmologist-approved. 

100% clear vision while crafting (especially with darker yarns).

Boosts productivity up to 357% 

Easy on the eyes with 3 different color temperatures. 

Infinitely adjustable brightness. 

Lightweight design.

Completely hands-free. 


  • 3 Kittens Needle Arts
  • The Village @ Mendota Heights
  • 750 Main Street, Suite 112-113
    St Paul, MN 55118
  • (651) 457-4969


  • Needlepoint Department
  • Tues-Sat: 10am - 3pm
  • Yarn Department
  • Tues/Thurs 10am-7pm
    Wed/Fri/Sat 10am - 3pm