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2024 Holiday Finishing Deadlines (allow 6-8 months):
Pillows/Stockings - Sat, May 4, 2024 (to receive in December 2024)
Ornaments/Standups/All Other - Sat, June 1, 2024 (to receive in December 2024)
Halloween - Sat, April 6, 2024 (to receive in October 2024)

General Finishing Timing: All other items not needed for 2024 Holidays - please allow at least 6-8 months

As of Jan 1, 2022 we are put several new finishing policies in place:

  • Be prepared to allow 6-8 months for your items.
  • We continue to focus on our core finishing business (ornaments, pillows, stockings, stand-ups, brick covers, tree toppers, eyeglass cases, scissor cases, cosmetic cases, kepahs, tallis bags, picture frames, hinged boxes, acrylic trays and boxes). Please check with us on other specialized finishing.
  • We are not able to provide a "blocking only" service or finishing for any oversized items (wall hangings, rugs, window seat cushions) or any leather items (belts, collars, fobs, purses). We will be happy to refer you to any alternate source should you need these services.

If you are mailing us your needlepoint items for finishing, please print and fill out our Needlepoint Finishing Form for each item and include it in the bag with your stitched piece. We will call you to finalize any details and take your deposit - $25 for ornaments, $50 for stand ups and medium size projects, $100 for larger projects, pillows and stockings.  For larger custom finishes, consider a deposit of $200. The balance will be due when your item arrives.

We know that you have put a lot of time and effort into stitching your needlepoint pieces, so we are pleased to provide quality, professional finishing services for all your needlepoint projects. We pride ourselves on providing consistent, high-quality and professional finishing for all of your stitched pieces.

Fabrics - fabric swatches are here to help you select the best match for your piece, or you can let our finishers choose from their fabulous inventory of materials to create a finished piece that is unique to your stitched canvas (we call this "Finishers Choice"). If you enjoy the hunt and choose to bring in your own fabrics and trims, please provide ample yardage and be aware of fabric weight. Some fabrics may be the perfect color but may be too lightweight. Upholstery weight fabrics are too thick/heavy and cannot be used for pillows or stockings.

Extra Rows? We are often asked if it is necessary to stitch extra turning rows. For most projects we do not need these extra rows - pillows, stockings, ornaments, stand-ups. There are, however, exceptions.  Belts always require two additional tent stitch rows on the top and bottom edge for turning (or add the binding stitch to both top and bottom). Anytime you have beads that go right to the edge of the design, please add two rows of tent stitch all the way around the design to maintain the shape.

Matching Finishing Style and Fabric for a Series - Please bring a photo of a previously finished item if you want to maintain the same finishing style and fabric in a series such as 12 Days of Christmas, Stockings for family, a Nativity, etc. Be prepared for fabrics and threads to be discontinued or experience a dye lot change, so purchasing enough fabric and thread ahead of time is recommended (either with 3 Kittens or your own source).

Belt Finishing - although we no longer offer leather finishing, here are some tips for stitching your belt. If you need a recommendation for a finisher, please inquire.
As for tips, size is important!  To determine belt length, measure a current belt of the intended wearer from the tip of the prong to the "most used hole". This is your belt size. To determine the amount of needlepoint needed, subtract 4". So if your belt length is 38" you will need 34" of needlepoint. The belt leathering will cover 1-2" on each end so be sure to factor that in when deciding where to stitch initials or important design elements that you will not want covered. Be sure to add at least 2 folding rows on the top and bottom edges of the belt. You will be able to choose a leather color and buckle shape (round or square) and color (brass or silver).


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